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Key Benefits

How will Taskfit ultimately improve the way you work? Here is what you can gain by trying our app for free:

Resume your work with a click

Taskfit separates resources: All relevant data, information and documents related to a given task are gathered together in their most recent status and are available at a click. You can immediately resume working!

Resolve multitasking

Stop playing chess simultaneously on a dozen boards! Get order into the chaos of your working day and create, manage and separate your tasks as it fits your working methods the best.


Improve your focus

Taskfit helps you keep your focus on the selected task. Get rid of distracting notifications, e-mails or phonecalls by customizing the scope of the focus function according to your needs.

Automatic timesheets

Obtain your own personal productivity dashboard! Our automatic activity based time measurement feature allows you to keep precise track of the time you spend on each task so that you can invoice your customers without extra administration.

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